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         (Me~ in the studio! Do you think I've seen the face of my true love or something more sinister?!)

        I was one of those kids always doodling, my grandmother was the first to hand me a paintbrush. I've always gravitated towards artistic endeavors. I attended college for a degree in fine art. I experimented with several mediums, primarily charcoal drawing and bronze sculpture. My main forte has always been the pencil, and my style edges towards a cartoonish view of the world. Although fine art can be very rewarding, a lighter approach was in my heart.


                                        ( 'Mask of the Vampire' a life size work in bronze)

         I've always been obsessed with Halloween. Every year when fall arrived I would become so excited to be able to spend my allowance on paper decorations (they are still my fav!) When I was six my mother took me to an antique shop to find Halloween decor from when she was little. Even back then there wasn't many older Halloween items to be found. We came across an old bisque skull match holder with a hinged jaw and a paper skeleton (now you know why I love skeletons!). That day I was bitten by the vintage Halloween bug and I never looked back! Those two pieces are still in my collection today.

      My artwork and love of collecting fused when I realized the scarcity of vintage Halloween goodies to be had on the market. I began to come across unique vintage items that begged to be loved again. I like to think of my work as orange, black and GREEN, reuse repurpose and recycle. Found objects have become my canvas. I love that each piece tells it's own story and has it's own distinct character.

     I call them Halloween treasures because it's the thrill of the hunt that keeps all collectors eyes agleam. We wonder what we'll find next, hoping it's something we've never seen before. Something new, yet old, a true one of a kind. With my art I hope to produce something that can make you smile, and can excite the kid in you. Good luck to all the treasure hunters out there, and remember the hunt is half the fun!

~Cali Lee

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