My name is Cali Lee and I specialize in vintage style Halloween art. I myself am a long time collector of Halloween memorabilia, and am constantly inspired by my collection as well as all things vintage. I strive to create exquisite original hand painted pieces that any Halloween collector would be thrilled to discover!


                All my work is completely hand done making each and every piece unique. I mostly paint found objects of a vintage nature. I'm always on the hunt for unusual and even sometimes functional objects to become works of Halloween art. My work is done using acrylic paints, and I will occasionally add sculpture using a polymer, or paper mache clay. In my gallery there are some good examples of my work for your viewing pleasure, so please enjoy!


                                                         (Just a few of my favorite things!)                                    



'The time has come for the witches' dance,
Owls will hoot and black cats will prance.

Spirits from far and near will gather and make merry,
for Halloween is here!'


 Halloween Treasure Studio © 2011 ~ Artwork by Cali Lee, LLC All Rights Reserved